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Twister is a fantastic family game that can be played indoors or outdoors and easily adapted for hours of fun!

Use a Twister mat if you have one or make your own by drawing coloured spots or shapes onto pieces of paper or on the ground with chalk. Make it as big as you like for extra challenge and have fun creating your own set of rules! Have each player stand around the play area and one player calling out the instructions.

Here are some ideas to try:

· Call out left foot/right hand etc and a shape or colour to place that body part on.

· Give an action to perform on that spot or shape –e.g. do 10 jumps, make a tall shape, hop on one leg.

· Act like an animal on each spot/shape – e.g. roar like a lion, flap like a chicken, wiggle like a snake.

· Dance Twister – play music and when the music stops perform a dance move a given colour/shape.

We hope you enjoy this activity. Please share any of your own ideas with us via the school website or Twitter page!


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