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Today’s task is to create your own home learning timetable. You may wish to create one for the whole family or individual timetables for each person.

Visual timetables can be helpful to establish a home learning routine whilst also encouraging independence. This may be an unsettling time for many of our children as they are not following their usual routines at home and school. Creating and using their own personal timetable will allow children to visualise what their day will look like and feel prepared for the tasks ahead of them. You could draw or cut out picture cards for different activities so that these can be moved around and changed each day. Ticking off or removing completed tasks can also help children feel a great sense of achievement. Encourage your children to take time to colour and decorate their timetables to make them bright and engaging. Be sure to include time for breaks and fun activities too!

Using timetables like this one from may be a helpful way for younger children to practise their days of the week and to understand the difference between morning/afternoon/evening. Older children may wish to make their timings more exact or could use their knowledge of 24 hour time to make this task more challenging.

Follow the links below for some timetable and checklist ideas. You can use these to inspire your own designs or they can be downloaded and printed for free.


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