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Today’s activity is a fantastic family favourite – homemade ten pin bowling! Bowling is a super game to develop aim and hand eye coordination. Although the bowling alleys are still closed, you can easily create your own version at home out of simple, everyday materials.

You will need a large round object or ball and a collection of ‘pins’. Empty plastic bottles, milk cartons or cups all work well. Set up your pins in a triangle formation and choose a place to bowl from. Younger players could start closer to the pins. Use a basic underarm bowling action and step forward with your opposite leg. (Tip: your throwing hand should come from straight behind and then under your shoulder, almost brushing your leg). Take it in turns to see how many pins you can knock down.

For more of a challenge, you could use a smaller or lighter ball, increase the rolling distance or weigh the pins down by filling them with some sand or soil. You could also number the pins and add up the numbers knocked down each time to find out your score. Have fun!


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