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Shape Art

Creating shape art is a great way to combine maths and art. Use scrap card, paper or material to cut out a variety of different shapes. Raid your recycling or cut up old magazines, greetings cards, newspapers or packaging. Ask the children to name all the different shapes that they recognise. Older children may wish to use a ruler to measure out their shapes more accurately, or cut out some more complex shapes that they know.

Use your colourful shapes to make your own beautiful patterns and designs. Take pictures of your shape art or glue it down to keep. You could even display your designs in your windows for passers-by to admire! Which shapes can you spot in the designs below?

Why not have a go at creating some transient shape art too? Transient art is art without glue. The pieces can be moved around and the design isn’t permanent. You could try creating pictures and patterns out of different shaped household items like beads, buttons and toys or using natural objects found outside in the garden.


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