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Shadow Art

This week we have some crafty family learning activities for you all to try! These activities will all involve everyday items which you should be able to find around your home or garden.

Today’s task is to learn how to create shadow art. You will need:


Pens, pencils crayons A selection of toys or interesting shaped objects

  1. To create your shadow art, you must first find a nice sunny spot. Beside a window is best or take your materials outside if you can.

  2. Lay your paper in front of you on a flat surface. Sit at a table or desk or lay on the floor if you would prefer.

  3. Position a toy or object at the edge of your paper, making sure it casts a shadow over the page.

  4. Carefully draw round the silhouette. And there you have it – your own shadow picture!

  5. Add colour and a background to your picture if you wish.

Some extra challenges to try…

  • Join everyone’s pictures together to make one giant piece of shadow art.

  • Draw around each other’s shadows! Stand beside a giant piece of paper or card, or make the outline on the ground in chalk.

  • Place your paper under trees or plants and draw around the shadows they make.

  • Choose random objects to draw around and take turns to guess what the mystery object was.

We would love to see your artwork if you give this activity a go! Please share your creations with us vis the school website or Twitter page.


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