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  • Mrs Siegert

Right Way, Wrong Way

The final family learning activity this week is a fun game called ‘Right Way, Wrong Way’. This game can help to develop speed, agility, and cooperation. You can play altogether or split up into teams.

For this game you simply need a clear indoor or outdoor space and a variety of objects which can be turned upside down, e.g. cups, teddies, toys, books.

Watch this link from Youth Sports Trust to learn how to play:

Use a timer to see how quickly you can turn all the objects the right way up again and keep practising to see if you can improve your score! If playing in teams, you could have two separate sets of objects and see which team can right theirs first. Another fun variation is to have one team turning the objects the right way and the other trying to turn them the wrong way. The team who has turned the most when the time runs out is the winner!

We hope you have enjoyed trying some of this week’s health and wellbeing activities. Please share any photos or feedback with us via the school website or Twitter page. You can also visit for lots more activities and challenges to try.


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