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Puppet Theatre

Today’s family art project is to create some props for your very own puppet theatre!

You can make all sorts of puppets from everyday items around your home. Have fun exploring different materials to make a variety of puppets! You can include characters based on people you know, your favourite stories or TV programmes or create your own!

Here are some ideas to try:

· Sock puppets – simply sew or draw on eyes and face to an old odd sock.

· Paper bag puppets – draw your puppet character onto a paper bag or envelope and put your hand inside to make them come to life!

· Stick puppets – cut out figures and tape on to a lolly stick or pencil.

· Paper plate puppet – draw a large face or character onto a plate and attach a stick behind to hold onto.

· Glove puppets – sew a simple mitt design from old material or use a spare glove and decorate.

· Marionette puppet – attach string or wire to a toy and control your puppet from above.

Once you have created your puppet characters, you will need to set up a performance area to put on a show! Follow the link below for a handy guide on how to turn a cardboard box into a puppet theatre for some amazing performances!


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