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  • Mrs Siegert

Plate Portraits

Today’s family art activity is to create your own funny plate portraits!

This is a super project which you can create using all sorts of items found around your house and garden.

First, collect a big selection of objects from around the house and garden. Cutlery, food, writing utensils, toys, lids, string, clothing, coins, ,sticks, flowers, shells, buttons and beads are just some of the items you could use – the possibilities are endless!

The next step is to organise your items into categories. Try to identify which shapes and objects would be best used for nose, mouth, hair, eyes etc.

Now you are ready to create your portraits! Grab a plate each and have fun exploring and rearranging the objects to make some fabulous funny faces!

Take lots pictures of your designs and don’t forget to put everything back where you found it afterwards! Please share your art with us via the school website or Twiitter page. Have fun!


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