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  • Mrs Siegert

Paper Helicopters

The final family STEM challenge this week is to learn how to make paper helicopters that really fly! All you need is some paper, scissors and paperclips.

Go to for step by step instructions and a helpful video tutorial to learn how to make your helicopters. Younger children may need help to measure and cut their paper accurately. You may wish to decorate your helicopters with colouring pens and pencils too!

Once you have made your helicopters, take them somewhere to test them out. Try flying them indoors, outdoors and from high and low spots in your house. Where did the helicopters fly the best?

Investigate further by using different kinds of paper or by changing the measurements of your helicopters. Experiment by adding more paperclips to add extra weight. What did you notice?

We hope you have all enjoyed this week’s family STEM challenges. Please remember to share your experiences and feedback with us via the school website or Twitter page.


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