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This week’s family learning tasks are all about orienteering. Orienteering is all about learning to explore through navigation, and is a great opportunity to develop mapping skills and team-work whilst having lots of fun too! Most of these activities are best suited for the outdoors but can also be adapted for indoors too.

Activity 1 – Location points

This first activity is a little like a treasure hunt. Place 10 cups or cones around your play area (the garden would be ideal, or you could set this up inside the house if you prefer). These are your location points. Number each location point (stick on a post-it or write in chalk the ground beside it). Place a different object underneath each one. You could use small toys, coloured buttons or little pictures. Give each team a piece of paper with numbers 1-10 written on. On the signal, all teams dash off to find each of the location points. They must check the number then make a note of the hidden object by the corresponding number. All teams must stay together as they travel around looking for the location points. The aim is to be the first team to have found all of the location points and noted the objects correctly.

You can make this activity easier or harder by increasing or decreasing the size of play area or the numbers of location points. Take turns setting up and finding the location points or try doing this in different areas around your home and garden.


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