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Number Scavenger Hunt

Today’s task will focus on numbers in the environment. There are numbers all around us and there are lots of ways you can have fun spotting and discussing them together!

Go on a number scavenger hunt around your home and garden. You can even look out of the window or try to spot some whilst out and about if you can safely leave the house for daily exercise. Here are some ideas for questions to ask during your number hunt:

Which numbers can you find?

What does that number say?

What is the number before or after this one?

Can you count up to/past that number?

Where else can you see numbers?

What does this number mean?

Who can find the most numbers?

Can you say that number in another language?

Can you write down the numbers you find?

Can you draw pictures to show where you found them?

Some places you may find numbers may include:

Electronic devices

Food and drink packaging

Toys and games


Price tags/receipts

Clocks and watches

Kitchen appliances

Clothing labels and logos

Kitchen or bathroom scales


Front doors

Shop windows


Car registration plates

Where else did you spot some numbers today? We would love it if you could share your findings with us via the school Twitter page. Happy number hunting!


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