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Nature Journal

Our final family learning task of the week and for this term is to create a nature journal. This is a wonderful project for the whole family to add to over the summer holidays, and a lovely keepsake to store memories of your outdoor adventures!

All you need to create your nature journal is an old notebook or some sheets of paper stapled or tied together.

Use your nature journal to record all the interesting things you see and hear whilst exploring outside. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

· Sketches, paintings and photographs of plants, birds, bugs and animals.

· Special treasures like pressed flowers, leaves, seeds and feathers.

· Create bark and leaf rubbings with crayons.

· Draw or print maps of your adventures.

· Record the weather.

· Lists of plants and wildlife.

· Collages.

· Labels, descriptions and scientific names for the items you have found.

· Your favourite nature facts, quotes and poems.

· Drawings or photos of animal tracks and the creatures you think they may belong to.

· Imaginative stories.

· Special moments and memories.

We would love to see your nature journals if you decide to give this activity a go. Share your photos or comments with us via the school website or Twitter page. Have a wonderful summer holiday and we can’t wait to see you all in August!


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