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Mindfulness Labyrinths

Task Five

Today’s home learning activity is to make your own mindfulness labyrinth drawing. Creating and then tracing these designs can be a wonderfully calming activity which builds concentration and helps us to relax. These can also be used when practising your mindful breathing exercises too!

To create your labyrinth designs, you will need:

- pens, pencils or crayons

- paper or card (any shape or size will do!)

A labyrinth design is created by simply taking your pen or pencil for a walk on your page to draw a continuous path. It looks a little like a maze but should only have one entrance and ends in the centre. Your path can go in any direction you wish but should not overlap or break and should be easy to follow with your finger. The design can be as simple or as complex as you like! Search on Google for some inspiration or a handy step by step guide can be found at

How to do a Finger Labyrinth Meditation

1. Sit comfortably with your labyrinth design in front of you. Take 3 big deep breaths before you begin.

2. Place your pointer finger on the start of the labyrinth.

3. Slowly trace the pattern of the labyrinth with your finger. Try to clear away all other thoughts from your mind and concentrate on following the path of the labyrinth.

4. Keep following the path until you reach the centre of the labyrinth. Stop and take 3 more deep breaths. How do you feel?

5. Slowly retrace your path back out of the labyrinth.

6. Take your finger off the page and take 3 final deep breaths. How do you feel now?

Some extra ideas:

· Swap your labyrinth designs with somene else in your family and follow each others paths.

· Use the pointer finger from your non-dominant hand. This will require even more concentration!

· Make your own 3D labyrinths out of building blocks, toys or playdough

· Draw a labyrinth design with your finger in a tray of salt, sand or rice.

· Why not create some giant labyrinth designs outside in your garden to follow with your feet? Try laying out skipping ropes, drawing in chalk or work together to build a design out of natural materials like twigs and stones!

Please share with us on Twitter if you have completed this activity at home, we would love to hear from you!


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