• Mrs Siegert

Mindfulness Breathing

Task Two

Today’s home learning activity is to practice some mindfulness breathing techniques together at home. Breathing exercises like these can help us to slow down both mentally and physically, and to really notice how we are feeling in that moment. This can also be an effective way to relax our bodies and minds and calm down when faced with overwhelming emotions. Go to https://childhood101.com/fun-breathing-exercises-for-kids/ to view and download your own copy of the cards.

Please note that it is helpful to learn new mindfulness techniques for the first time when we are already feeling calm. This means that they can be drawn upon later to help us during times when big emotions arise. Choose a quiet time of day when all the family can come together to learn and have fun.

Please feel free to share any feedback or photos from your family learning time with us on Twitter. Perhaps you could even create and share some mindful breathing techniques of your own for others to try!


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