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Mindful Yoga

Task Three

Today’s family learning task is to practise some relaxing yoga moves. Yoga is a super way to exercise both your body and mind whilst having lots of fun together! Children and adults of all ages can enjoy many benefits from practising yoga. It helps us to develop balance and coordination and improves our strength and flexibility. It is an excellent way to relax and manage stress whilst even helping to build confidence and self-esteem.

Go to and choose a yoga story to follow together or make up your own sequence using these helpful cards from

Find a quiet, open space to work in. You could even try a yoga session outside in your garden if you like! Be mindful of your breathing and take time to notice how your body and mind are feeling throughout. Hopefully you will finish your yoga practice feeling calm, relaxed and happy!


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Apr 24, 2020

Morning we tried the cosmic kids “Star Wars yoga “ yesterday and it was great fun 😊

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