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Lockdown Scrapbook

This week’s final task is to create a family scrapbook to remember your time together in lockdown. We may be confined to our homes but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy making happy memories together! Use pieces of paper, an old notebook or ring binder folder to build your scrap book. You could even store your memories in envelopes or in a special box. Alternatively, you could make an electronic version on an Ipad, phone or computer.

Here are some ideas to include in your scrapbook:

· Photographs – capture plenty of memories to look back on in years to come.

· Drawings, colouring pages or paintings.

· Homemade cards – to each other or for your loved ones.

· Letters – to yourselves to read in future or for family and friends to read when you can see them again.

· Arts and crafts -stick in or take photos of anything you have made.

· Handprints – draw round or make prints of everyone’s handprints.

· Diary entries – what did you do each day? How did you feel?

· Magazine or newspaper cuttings- look out for positive news stories if you can.

· Poems – can you write a poem about your experiences?

· Special objects – interesting items you might have found in the garden or whilst out doing daily exercise or something to remind you a special day/activity.

Decorate your scrapbook pieces with lots of colour and pictures and keep adding to it for as long as you like. We would love to see or hear about your family scrapbooks if you decide to give this activity a try. Please share any photos with us via the school Twitter page.


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