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  • Mrs Siegert

Hovercraft Races

This is an amazingly fun challenge which will encourage lots of investigation and problem solving. Perfect for a rainy day, you will want to race your hovercrafts again and again!

You will need:


Old CDs

Glue or tape

Bottle pop-top cap

Pens/stickers (optional)

Follow the how to guide at a step by step guide to make your hovercraft. Please remember that only adults should use hot glue. Alternatively, you can use strong sticky tape to attach the cap to your CD.

Now you are ready to race your hovercrafts!

You can investigate further by…

· Racing your hovercrafts on different surfaces

· Creating hovercrafts with different bases (e.g. plastic or paper plates)

· Experimenting with different shapes and sizes of balloons

Remember to only change one variable at a time to keep the experiment fair.

If you have tried this activity at home please share with us via the school website or Twitter page, we would love to hear all about it!


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