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  • Mrs Siegert

Hopscotch Challenge Path

Today’s family learning task is to create your own hopscotch challenge path. This is a fun way to get everyone moving and everyone can add in some ideas!

Use chalk to draw out your course on a flat piece of ground. (You could also write the instructions on paper and lay them down to create the path).

Choose a start point and draw/write the actions to do along your path. Draw straight and squiggly lines to follow, shapes to jump on, or add in letters and numbers too. Write instructions to show what actions to do, e.g. hop, run, jump, clap, skip, sidestep, twirl, tiptoe, make a funny face, touch your toes. The possibilities are endless!

Once you are finished designing your path, have lots of fun trying it out! You could even time yourselves to see who can be the speediest to complete it!


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