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Directions Game

This activity is a fun and fast paced game for everyone to join in with. To play, you will need some chalk or pieces of paper, and plenty of room!

To set up your game, you must first place your compass points around the playing area. Use a compass to find out where North, South, East and West are located. (Most tablets and phones have this feature.) You could draw these on the ground with chalk, or write on paper and stick them onto a wall, fence, plant pot etc. Place a cone or bucket in the centre of your compass.

How to play:

-All players begin by standing in the centre of the compass, facing North.

-Someone acts as the caller and calls out a compass point direction.

-All players race to touch that marker and then position themselves back in the centre.

-Swap around so that everyone has the chance to be the caller.

To make this game harder, you could change the size of the playing area so that the players must run further. You could also hide the marker cards after a while so that the players must remember which direction is which. For older children you could even use 8 compass points instead of 4 by including Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast too.


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