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  • Mrs Siegert

Create a Map

Today’s orienteering activity is to create a map of your home or garden. This is a simple activity which can then be used to play some fun games afterwards!

To create your map you will need paper, pencil and a ruler. You may wish to colour your map using pencils or crayons too. Use your pencil and ruler to carefully sketch out a bird’s eye view of your house or garden (or both!) and then create a key using simple shapes and symbols. You can make up your own or download a handy template with a traditional map key from the British Orienteering website here:

Once you have finished your map, you could use it to create your very own treasure hunt! Take turns to plot numbered or coloured points on your map and hide clues, toys, sweeties or other objects at each location for everyone else to find. Tip – if you are able to scan or photograph your map you could print off several copies to use for lots of different activities and challenges. You could also laminate your map and write on it with a dry wipe marker pen.

We would love to see some photographs of your maps if you try this activity. Please share them with us via the school website or on Twitter!


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