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Competition Time

Good morning Lochside Families,

I hope you are well and keeping safe. Today I have an extra challenge for you should you wish to accept! Please open the pdf file to access all information and instructions. The word document contains the template for your competition entry. I wish all of our Lochside Families good luck!

Mrs Siegert!

FDF Scotland Lockdown Challenge informat
Download • 471KB

FDF Scotland Lockdown Challenge recipe g
Download • 37KB

Board Games

Board games can be great fun for all the family, and encourage children to practise a whole range of maths and numeracy skills while they play:

· Counting the spots on dice

· Adding and subtracting points

· Moving counters on or back the correct number of spaces

· Thinking about probability and chance

· Problem solving

· Using money (e.g. in Monopoly)

· Using timers

Board games also offer excellent learning opportunities to work on important social skills such as taking turns, teamwork and communication too.

Today’s task is to take some time to play your favourite board game together, or if you are feeling creative, why not have a go at making your own? Recycle or reuse items around the house or build/draw a life sized version outside in your garden!

Visit for some top tips and inspiration! Have fun and don’t forget to share your ideas with us via the school Twitter page.


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