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Challenge 2 - Spaghetti Marshmallow Tower

Who can build the tallest tower to support a marshmallow?

You will need:

Dry spaghetti

Sticky tape



Timer (optional)

Step 1: Give each person or team an equal amount of spaghetti, tape and string. (roughly 10-15 sticks of spaghetti will be enough). To make this challenge more competitive, you can also set a time limit so that all teams must be ready to test their towers once the time has run out!

Step 2: Build your structure using spaghetti sticks and tape/string to join the pieces. Think carefully about the base for your tower and what shape might be the strongest.

Step 3: Once your tower is complete, balance your marshmallow on the top. The winner is the team with the tallest structure who can successfully balance their marshmallow on top (No wobbles allowed!)

If you do not have all the above items at hand, here are some swaps which should work too! Why not try experimenting with some different materials to investigate which make the strongest towers?

Spaghetti → straws

Sticky tape → plasticine/playdough

String → wool/elastic band

Marshmallow → pom pom/eraser/small toy (you may need string to tie or suspend these items from the top of your tower!)

Don’t forget to share your creations with us via the school website or Twitter page. Have fun!


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