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Bug Hotel

Today’s family learning task is to create a brilliant bug hotel using natural or recycled materials. Insects are a vital part of our ecosystem. They help pollinate our plants and flowers, break down and recycle waste and are important food sources for other wildlife too. In short, bugs are brilliant, and we can all do our bit to protect our creepy crawlies! So why not have a go at making a cosy, eco- friendly hotel for them to shelter in?

Cardboard boxes, clean tins, jars, plastic bottles and milk jugs all make excellent bases for bug hotels. (Transparent surfaces mean that you will be able to peek inside later to see who has moved in!) Pack them tightly with recycled or natural objects such as pebbles, shells, bark, pinecones, twigs, lollipop sticks and cardboard tubes. Place your finished hotel in a quiet, shady spot in your garden. Do check on your insect guests regularly but remember to be very quiet so as not to scare them away!

Visit for more helpful tips and instructions. Remember to share your creations with us via the school website or Twitter page!


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