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Bubbles Investigation

Today’s fun family STEM challenge is to learn how to make shaped bubbles!

You will need:

Washing up liquid

Empty bucket or container

Bendy wire or pipe-cleaners


Step 1: Make up your bubble solution using 1 cup warm water and 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Mix well.

Step 2: Twist your wire into different shaped bubble wands. You can use familiar shapes or make your own designs. Check out these homemade bubble wands from

Make sure the shapes are secured tightly so that they do not come apart. Remember to twist down any sharp edges or cover with tape to protect your fingers.

Step 3: Dip the wand in your solution and take it out. Blow on or wave your wand and see what happens!

What shape is the bubble in the wand?

What happens to the shape when you blow or wave the bubble out?

What happens to the bubble if you blow gently/hard?

What colours can you see?

Experiment with your bubble wands and straws.

Can you…

…make large and small bubbles?

…make bubbles that join together?

....catch a bubble?

…make a bubble that sits on a surface?

If you are feeling really creative, check out some of these amazing bubble challenges to try at home!


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