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Balloon Games

Balloon games are great fun to play and also help develop our co-ordination and concentration. There are lots of fantastic family games you can play using a balloon and everyday items around your home.


This game is super simple – don’t let the balloon touch the floor! Use hands, feet, chest, knees and heads to keep the balloon high in the air and prevent it from touching the floor. Count how many times you can tap the balloon before it falls and try to beat the record each time!

Balloon Tennis

This game can be played in pairs or as doubles in a 4. Use tennis rackets or make your own using a paper plate taped to a wooden spoon or spatula. Create a net between the teams. A washing line or skipping rope works well, or just mark a chalk line on the ground to indicate the middle point between you. Take turns to ‘serve’ the balloon and hit it over the net with your rackets. A point is scored when the balloon touches the ground on the opposing team’s side.


Split all players into equal teams. If you have an odd number, then one person could be the referee! You will need a net between the teams as mentioned in the tennis game above. The aim of the game is to work as a team to tap the balloon over the net using your hands and forearms. The balloon can be passed from player to player on one side but cannot be caught and held unless it is your turn to serve. A point is scored when the balloon touches the ground on the opposing team’s side.

Balloon and spoon race

This is a giant version of the favourite sports day race which is guaranteed to give you plenty of giggles! Each player will need their own balloon ‘egg’ and a spoon. You can use wooden spoons, serving spoons, spatulas, paper plates or tennis rackets. (Objects with smaller heads will offer more of a challenge for the older children and adults.) Create your race area and finish line and try to be the first to balance your balloon to the end without dropping it!

Do you have any more balloon game ideas? If so, we would love to hear about them via the school website or Twitter page!


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