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Add it up

For this activity, you will need a selection of coloured objects such as cones, sheets of paper or even a variety of coloured clothing!

Set out your coloured objects in an array pattern. Underneath each object, place a number:

On card or paper, create some maps. Use coloured spots to show your objects. Now use arrows or lines to make a different route on each map. Use symbols or shapes to indicate where to start and finish. Each family member could create their own map to swap. Once you are ready, take turns to follow the route displayed on a map. As you go, add up the numbers on each spot you pass. When you have finished, the person who created the map can check if you are correct. If not, have another try!

This activity can be made easier or harder by changing the number of spots or the length of the routes. You could also use trickier numbers to add up to make this more challenging for older children. This activity could also be done with letters instead of numbers, creating routes which spell out hidden words! Please let us know if you try this activity at home and share any photos or feedback with us via Twitter or the school website.


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