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1st Ever Post !!

Hello everyone and welcome back! We hope that all of our families have had some time to rest and relax together over the Easter break. We feel extremely lucky to be part of such a positive school community and know that we will continue to support each other through these uncertain times ahead of us.

One new family learning task will be shared daily on this page. These tasks will be suitable for children from Nursery age - Primary 7 and we would encourage the whole family to get involved and have fun learning together at home! Whilst these tasks are completely optional we would love it if you wanted to share your feedback or photos with us from each activity through twitter.

All of this week's family learning tasks will focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness is about understanding how our minds and bodies are feeling in the present moment. Practising mindfulness techniques can help us to understand and deal with a range of emotions in a positive way - particularly useful during the present circumstances we are finding ourselves in.

Task One - Mindfulness Grounding

Our first activity is to practise 'grounding' ourselves. This exercise encourages us to stop, breathe and pay attention to what is around us by using each of our 5 senses. This can be a very helpful technique when we are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or just needing a moment of calm.

Encourage everyone to sit or stand still and take 3 deep breaths at the start and end of this activity. Record your findings in any way you wish - writing, drawing, taking photographs or simply just by having a chat together. You could try this activity in various parts of your home or even out in your garden to see what different things you can all notice!

For more information about mindfulness and its benefits please follow the links below:


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